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Exhibition - Haute Africa Curation by Noorderlicht Photography

Django (Rock Phex), from the series, "Afrometals" 2012 © Danielle Tamagni 

This summer with Haute Africa, Noorderlicht Photogallery sheds light on the sunny side of the African continent. The work of seven photographers will be on display, showcasing a different Africa: a continent that still defies the imagination, and a place where creativity can bring prosperity. This flourishing African creativity finds no better expression than in fashion.


Editor's Note: The exhibition Haute Africa will run from July 5 to August 31, 2014 at the 
Noorderlicht Photogallery.

Exhibition - Tattooists, Tattoed: Images of Body Ink Worldwide

The last tattoed Kalinga woman, 2011 © Jake Verzosa
The Musée Quai Branly in Paris is known for its globe-spanning exhibitions and ability to connect physically and temporally disparate cultures with our contemporary moment. No where is this better on display than their latest exhibition "Tattooists and Tattooed." The exhibition returns to the sources of tattooing and tells the story of the practice's transformation into a permanent, globalized phenomenon. Although we might take for granted that tattoos are commonplace in the Western world, this exhibition reveals the interesting cultural interplay that preceded their current wide-spread acceptance.

—Alexander Strecker

Editor's Note: The exhibition will run at the Musée Quai Branly  from May 6, 2014 to October 18th, 2015.
For more on the topic of tattooists, be sure to check out Ten Tattooists, a portrait series of the artists behind the ink.

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Interview with Veteran Documentary Photographer Stephen Shames

Photographer: Stephen Shames
These are pictures of friends I met as children who became my family, as well as, people who stepped in front of my camera once and disappeared forever. I watched my friends grow up, fall in love, have children of their own. The boys in the original “crews” are now in their forties—their children are becoming adults. A few, including my two Godsons, have made it; many others are dead or in jail.

Often I am terrified of The Bronx. Other times it feels like home. My images reflect the feral vitality and hope of these young men. The interplay between good and evil; violence and love; chaos and family are the themes—but this is not a documentation. There is no “story line”. There is only a feeling.

For Beginners

Photo Credit : Ario Wibisono /
The time given by you to the camera sensor for the amount of light for it to receive is called the Shutter Speed. In other words, the shutter speed is equal to the time the shutter remains open to click a picture. Now let’s forget about aperture, logically lesser the shutter speed maximum the light entry into the sensor. Those fast action freezes or those blurry action shots are all due to shutter speed. Here there is no context to the aperture but again a combination with aperture can give you great results.

Imagine a huge tiger freezed while jumping over a deer with a great defocus background. This is where both aperture and shutter speed shake hands and create magic. Also one should play safe with faster shutter speed which might get underexposed.