środa, 9 lipca 2014

For Beginners

Photo Credit : Ario Wibisono / 1x.com
The time given by you to the camera sensor for the amount of light for it to receive is called the Shutter Speed. In other words, the shutter speed is equal to the time the shutter remains open to click a picture. Now let’s forget about aperture, logically lesser the shutter speed maximum the light entry into the sensor. Those fast action freezes or those blurry action shots are all due to shutter speed. Here there is no context to the aperture but again a combination with aperture can give you great results.

Imagine a huge tiger freezed while jumping over a deer with a great defocus background. This is where both aperture and shutter speed shake hands and create magic. Also one should play safe with faster shutter speed which might get underexposed.

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