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A collection of fascinating articles on photography

There’s an inherent mystery to the art of photography. We often think of artists as controlling their materials directly: using their hands, they shape stone, trace ink, or apply paint. But photographers seem to work in a more oblique and indirect way, by capturing, staging, or framing reality. In the best photographs, real life merges with the world of art.

How is that magic accomplished? This week, we take you behind the lens with a collection of pieces about the art and craft of photography. There are profiles of Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Nan Goldin, Robert Mapplethorpe, Cindy Sherman, and Edward Steichen. Susan Sontag writes on how photography shapes our view of war; Janet Malcolm explores the question of how “realistic” a photograph can (or should) be. We hope you enjoy these glimpses of the photographer’s quest to, as Malcolm puts it, uncover a “work of art in the mess and flux of life.”
—Erin Overbey and Joshua Rothman, archivists

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