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Stephen Hill's face for 15 seconds

Capt. Stephen Hill had a 23-year career in the Army and a secret that he felt he could never make public without throwing it all away.


America saw Stephen Hill's face for 15 seconds.
It took him a lifetime to show it.

December 29, 2013

I want so badly to one day have a family of my own with my soul mate, he wrote in his journal.
I really wonder if that's possible. I know you are out there. I know you think about me too. I am so hungry for compassion, not sex. I fall asleep every night and hug my pillows so tight pretending it's you. I don't have any idea what you look like. I don't care. How do I know what to say to you when I see you? How will I know it is you? I am so lonely waiting for you that I want to be extremely careful not to be blinded by someone pretending to be you.

Stephen and Josh Snyder-Hill walk hand-in-hand on a street in Columbus, Ohio. When Stephen left for Iraq in 2010, the couple had to hide under an airport escalator to say goodbye, while other soldiers were able to embrace their loved ones publicly

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