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The Godfather of street photography - text Trey Taylor

King of the streets and master of cinema, NY-born, Paris-based William Klein is still going strong…

Taken from the January issue of Dazed & Confused:

I was born in the last house on Fifth Avenue, on 109th Street and Fifth Avenue. It was kind of a middle-class semi-dump. All we had was the radio. We had no record player and of course no television.
My grandfather came from Hungary and he had a clothing store. My father inherited it, invested the money in the stock market and lost it all in 1929. Then we had to move and I ended up on 108th street and Amsterdam Avenue, which was even more of a dump. My mum didn’t work but she helped my father. He became an insurance salesman, like Willy Loman in the play. He was a guy trying to make a few bucks who thought America was the greatest place on earth and that he was gonna make it someday – but he never did.
I went to school like everybody else. The thing was, in my family – you know, a lower-middle-class rich family – you’d have to get good marks and get into a high school where you could do the four years of high school in two and a half, especially if it was part of City College. City College was free, but it was hard to get in. It was really nothing like the American vision of college – no campus, no girls – it was just somewhere to get an education. I got a degree in sociology, but I wanted to be an artist.

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