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The Best Photobooks of the Year: Martin Parr takes his pick

Dalston Anatomy, by Lorenzo Vitturi, published by SPBH, JibiJana

Photographer and photobook expert Martin Parr selects the best titles published this year

What a total treat! Here we have all the classic iconic images from this wonderful photographer who died only last year. On top of that, Agnes Sire has dug up many unknown Larrains that are as good as the ones we know and love. To supplement all of this is a most elegant design from the excellent Xavier Barral with stunning printing. It doesn't get much better than this.


By Carlos Spottorno, published by RM Verlag/Phree
The ever enterprising RM Verlag publishers have come up with another gem here: PIGS, which stands for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, the near bankrupt European countries. The format, based on the graphics of The Economist, is used to house the images of the above countries that are starting to fray at the edges.

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