wtorek, 15 kwietnia 2014

Magnum's Chien-Chi Chang will be holding a workshop in Paris this May

USA. New York City. 1998. A newly arrived immigrant eats noodles on a fire escape.
On the occasion of the launch of 7 Days in Myanmar French edition at Magnum Photos in Paris, Magnum is excited to launch a new inspiring educational event – a Multimedia Workshop with Chien-Chi Chang.
It will take place from May 10th to 14th, 2014.

The 5-day intensive multimedia workshop is aimed at professionals and serious photography enthusiasts who aspire to improve their story telling to a higher ground by combining photographs, moving images and sound.

The participants (12 maximum) should arrive at the workshop with at least 80% of their editing materials ready i.e. photographs, audio clips, video clips, documents. The workshop focuses on video story telling skills and helps you define your own visual story telling style via multimedia.

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