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Adam Magyar "Urban Flow"

#247, Hong Kong, 2007, archival inkjet print, 26×240cm, from series Urban Flow
detail view of picture #247
Adam born in Budapest in 1972, Adam Magyar lives and works in Berlin. Ever fascinated by the constant hum of all megalopolis, Adam Magyar offers a new approach of time and space.

For Urban Flow, Adam Magyar uses cameras usually geared for photo-finish ; i.e. an instantaneous  vertical screening of one pixel from a fixed point ; in order to capture not so much a few seconds but rather several (2  to 3) minutes of such urban landscapes. Thus , static objects become linear, whereas those in motion are pictures with relative degrees of reality as far as their motion-speed is concerned. With neither starting nor finishing points, such beings evolve in the midst of a universe akin to them.  "We are born, live and die as so many individuals , but also as as tiny motes in our own man-made structure we call cities or collectivities", explains Magyar. Like Contemporary Vanities, the artist , thanks to imagery, redefines the transient characteristic of the time allotted to us on an infinite linear scale.
Urban Flow 292, Hong-Kong
Urban Flow
Urban Flow 292, Hong-Kong (close-up)

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