piątek, 31 stycznia 2014

Did Rihanna rip off famed photographer for her new video? S&M strikingly similar to David LaChapelle's work

It's not unusual for one artist to seek inspiration from another in their work.
But Rihanna's latest music video is so similar to that of a famed photographer that she has been accused of plagiarism.
Many of the key scenes in the 22-year-old's recently released S&M video correspond with photographs by David LaChapelle.

One scene shows Rihanna 'walking' gossip blogger on a leash, while dressed in late. It corresponds with a 2002 LaChapelle image for Vogue, Aristocrats, which shows a similar scene.
The similarities were spotted by fans of the photographer, who flooded his fan pages on Facebook and Twitter with comments.
A source at his studio told celebrity blog Radar that initially fans though LaChapelle had directed the video.

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