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Creating Neon Poetry With a Patient Camera

The New York School street photographer Saul Leiter is the subject of Tomas Leach’s “In No Great Hurry.”

‘In No Great Hurry,’ a Documentary About Saul Leiter,

That’s largely because of Mr. Leiter’s almost pathological modesty, as Tomas Leach’s documentary, “In No Great Hurry: 13 Lessons in Life With Saul Leiter,” amply demonstrates. “My own achievements are rather minor,” Mr. Leiter, seated in his cluttered East Village apartment, insists genially, questioning the need for a film. Half-jokingly, he says that if he doesn’t like it, he won’t allow its release.
“In No Great Hurry” is not a rigorous examination of Mr. Leiter’s art. Instead, between conversations, it floats some of his most ethereal, lustrous images, soft, layered scenes that glow with a watercolor’s warmth, sharp departures from the gritty cityscapes of his contemporaries. His best work seems both of the moment and timeless. 

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