wtorek, 28 stycznia 2014

Fashion at Stanford: Annie Leibovitz, Pascal Dangin, & Cathy Horyn

Photo via Stanford Arts Institute
Annie Leibovitz has an impressive four decade career in photo-journalism and images of some of the world’s most prominent rock stars, poets, and government leaders stored in the boxes of negatives lining her attic. Pascal Dangin, founder of Box Studios and CEO and Creative Director of KiDS, has been referred to over the years as the ‘photo whisperer’, a digital artist, and the retoucher’s retoucher. Both are highly respected throughout the world of art, and recently came to speak before a full house of eager Stanford students and community members.  In this second Fashion at Stanford conversation, these image-makers addressed their works and their creative paths. As stated by Leibovitz, “there are two sides to taking a picture.”

Alongside Cathy Horyn, fashion critic for The New York Times and curator of Fashion at Stanford, the conversation moved from Leibovitz’s original landscape photography to the influence of Snapchat on the lexicon of the photographic language. Leibovitz highlighted her experience photographing the Queen, and Dangin discussed whether editing actually enhances an image’s quality.


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