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Elliott Erwitt exhibition - Fotografiska/Sweden

© Elliott Erwitt USA-Bakersfield-California-1983
December 6 - March 2, 2014 
Stadsgårdshamnen 22
116 45 Stockholm

Elliott Erwitt is the photographer who notices details that most people miss, situations before they occur. “There is really nothing mysterious about photography”, Elliott explains. “It’s about observing. Often it’s a matter of luck and circumstance. Hopefully I haven’t taken my best picture yet.” 
The exhibition at Fotografiska offers our visitors a unique opportunity for to acquaint themselves with one of the world’s most acclaimed photographers and see what he has captured. So far.

Today his images can be seen in museums and important collections all over the world. But he has not slowed down; he continues to do commercial work and take pictures for new books. So far he has produced some 45 titles. “I like to see my photos in books. It’s an acknowledgement of my work.

I want to evoke emotion with my photographs, to make people either laugh or cry. If you can achieve that I think you’ve done well”, Elliott Erwitt explains.

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