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Capturing Proof and Evidence on the Streets of LA: Medhi Bouqua on Shooting with an iPhone by Eric Kim

Photographs © Medhi Bouqua
Eric’s Kim Note: This article is written by Medhi Bouqua, a street photographer based in LA. He shares his experiences shooting with an iPhone– and the importance of documenting life. Medhi shares more of his thoughts and images below:

Medhi: Today’s society is definitely over equipped/ flooded with many different types and genres of technological gadgets for all sort of necessities. Photography has become an essential tool of proof and evidence, showing, duplicating a moment and emotion by capturing the exact frame, reflecting it, and documenting it all at once.

Photographs © Medhi Bouqua
It is a shame that only a minority of enthusiasts have awakened to explore, document every emotion, segment of reality and life in a creative sense to bring us closer together, to share our love in a sentimental picture, and in a matter of established fact.

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