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An uncommon eye by Stephen Shore

Ginger Shore Stephen Shore
Legendary American photographer Stephen Shore is training his lens on digital media with his first eBook

To say that Stephen Shore's career is era-spanning is putting it lightly: at 17, he fell in with the Warhol crowd and photographed Andy, Edie Sedgwick and the other bright young things of the Factory; in his 20s, he photographed his road trip from Manhattan to Amarillo, Texas in 1972 and pioneered the use of color in fine-art photography while doing so; now four decades into his career, he has just released his first eBook on iTunes, a moving image iBook that captures New York as only Shore sees it.

Something + Nothing, his first solo show in London for over six years, opens at Sprueth Magers, incorporating classic images from his early career as well as work from his new series, Ukraine, which captures Eastern European Holocaust survivors in their homes, villages and cities. As always, Shore always has his eye trained on the constantly moving, mutable future. Dazed speaks to the legendary photographer about the digital medium and his ever-evolving work.
“Everyone thinks they’re making photographs, and in a general sense they are – but there is a language of visual thinking that an experienced photographer can see"

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