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Barbara Probst - Exposures

Image © Barbara Probst

On view in Copenhagen: Barbara Probst's project Exposures! 
German photographer Barbara Probst presents her series Exposures in The National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen. This will be the photographer’s first solo exhibition in Denmark. Probst has been working on Exposures since 2000 with the purpose “to examine what photography can produce out of what was there”, as she states. In order to do that, Probst uses a series of cameras arranged around the same subject, each with its own settings and using a remote control, all the cameras take a photograph at exactly the same time. The images do not resemble each other in terms of style or theme, however they are connected by the moment in which they were all taken. The photographer’s continuous focus is on the examination of the complex relationship between photography and reality. 

October 04, 2013 till January 11, 2013 Denmark Copenhagen 

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