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From the series Passengers © Dagmar Keller / Martin Wittwer, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2013
Private View: 22.11.2013 7pm

Exhibition duration: 23.11-21.12.2013

Puławska 41/22, 02-508 Warsaw, Poland
Admission free

Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer, although they studied separately (at Academies of Düsseldorf and Cologne), have been working together since 1997 creating documentary photo series, films and video installations. In 2011 they made a photo series and a book mockup "Passengers". At that time the German-Swiss duo stayed in Warsaw by invitation of the program Artist-In-Residence CSW Zamek Ujazdowski. Unlike the vast majority of artists visiting the Polish capital, Keller and Wittwer decided to leave the city and hit the road. They travelled by buses linking villages, small towns and metropolies of Poland. During those travels they created a series depicting passengers suggested by the title. Portraits of people, lost in thoughts, sleeping or drosing, dazed from lack of sleep or simply bored, attract a viewer’s attention both with the composition, oniric atmosphere, soft, pastel color range. What strikes most in this photo series is the contrast between beautiful, subtle pictures’ form and in fact banal situation of taking photos of the passengers from a short distance, usually from the bus station platform. After two years of hard work the result of Keller / Wittwer work can be finally seen in Poland. In the meantime, the artists showed their work in, among others, art institutions in Germany and Switzerland as well as they received an award for the book mockup of "Passengers". The Polish premiere of the publication of Spector Books will take place during the exhbition opening at Lookout Gallery.

Dagmar Keller / Martin Wittwer’s project "Passengers" was initiated during the residency at A-I-R Laboratory at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw in 2010, thanks to support from the City of Warsaw, Kulturamt Düsseldorf and Goethe Institut.

Curator: Adam Mazur

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