środa, 13 listopada 2013

Sony World Photography Awards 2014 - still open competition!

Entry Start: 01/06/2013
Entry Close: 06/01/2014
Are you an amateur photographer or a photography enthusiast? If so, then this is the competition for you! 
The Open Competition offers 10 diverse categories for you to enter, ranging from Action to Travel. As a Basic Member, you can enter up to 3 photographs for free, submitted into one category or spread across multiple categories. 
Increase your chances by upgrading to Advanced Membership (enter up to 8 images) or Premium Membership (enter up to 20 images). 

Photographers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are invited to enter this competition where great imagery is everything, and creativity is the key ingredient!

Please note once you enter this competition you will not be able to enter the Youth Award or Professional Competition.

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