sobota, 9 listopada 2013

#17’s doc! photo magazine November issue is ready

3... 2... 1... DOWNLOAD!

Yes, dear doc!-ers - our November issue is ready and waiting for you at!

doc! #17’s list of photographers and stories:
* Jian Gao - “Red Fragments”
* Zed Nelson - “Love Me”
* Mikołaj Nowacki - “The Last Kings of the Odra”
* Phadthanum Rueangpeerapat - “One Year Roll”
* Robert Rutöd - “Right Time Right Place”
* Dana Stirling - “Dead Water”
* Scott Typaldos - “Butterflies Chapter 2’
* Wojtek Wieteska - “I Am from Poland” (photo essay) & “My Projects Result from Emotions or Passions” (interview)

We wish you inspiring visual reading!

Cover photo: Wojtek Wieteska

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