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Lee Friedlander - America by Car

Houston Texas 2006 C Lee Friedlander
Foam proudly presents a solo exhibition by the American photographer Lee Friedlander (1934, US). This exhibition features the series America by Car and The New Cars 1964. The automobile has come to symbolize the American dream and the associated urge for freedom. It is therefore no surprise that cars play a central role in both series, now receiving their first showing in the Netherlands.
Road Trip
America by Car
documents Friedlander's countless wanderings around the United States over the past decade. In this he follows a trail laid down by numerous photographers, film makers and writers like Robert Frank, Stephen Shore and Jack Kerouac. Friedlander nevertheless succeeds in giving the theme of the American road trip his own very original twist, using the cars' windscreens and dashboards to frame the familiar American landscape, as well as exploiting the reflections found in their wing and rear view mirrors. It is a simple starting point which results in complex and layered images that are typical for Friedlander's visual language.
He also has a sharp eye for the ironic detail. He makes free use of text on billboards and symbols on store signs to add further meaning to his work. His images are so layered that new information continues to surface with every glance, making America byCar a unique evocation of contemporary America.   
The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco and Timothy Taylor Gallery, London.

The exhibition Lee Friedlander - America By Car can be seen 13 September - 11 December 2013 in Foam. 
Open daily 10am - 6pm, Thurs/Fri 10am - 9pm. Tickets: € 8,75

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