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GUP about - Tony Ray-Jones "American Colour 1962-1965"

Photo © Tony Ray-Jones
American Colour 1962-1965 by Tony Ray-Jones draws from the vast archive of one of the keenest observers of British society and culture, presenting a selection of his early experiments with colour photography. Coming to the States on a scholarship in the early ‘60s with the background of a graphic designer, Ray-Jones threw himself into the street life of New York and witnessed the excitement and sense of departure that was stirring the nation at the time. Developing his own viewpoints, both artistic and personal, he also dove into the newly emerging medium of colour film. This book shows a selection of these ‘isolated sketches’ in colour, as Ray-Jones referred to them, and sheds a new light on a photographer whose later black-and-white work exerted an enormous influence on British documentary photography.

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