środa, 13 listopada 2013

Jesse Marlow with Joanna Kinowska

Photographs © Jesse Marlow
Fblog: You are a documentary photographer. What that means to you - to make documentary? Do you have any "credo"?

Jesse Marlow: Documentary photography is what has always interested me. My interest in documenting things began when I was 8 years old and my uncle gave me a book about New York Subway graffiti. This led to me borrowing my Mum’s SLR and walking around the streets with my brother looking for the brightly coloured graffiti murals that began appearing around Melbourne in the mid 1980’s. Since being a working photographer, the smaller unique stories are what I have sought. My project The Wounded was more of a conceptual documentary project, The Wounded series was shot as a result of finding myself with a broken arm and seeing so many others around me in similar situations.

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